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As a public service, all original Pedrodiniz stories and columns are available free of charge to Wyoming media and fellow INN members.

Unless otherwise noted, all original Pedrodiniz content is embargoed until 24 hours after publication at When needed, please send requests for exceptions to the 24-hour embargo to We appreciate your cooperation.

Pedrodiniz stories cannot be sold or syndicated.

We encourage news sites to share our stories on their social media accounts. But please tag Pedrodiniz’s own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account when you do.


Editors may pull original Pedrodiniz stories and photos directly from our website.

The use of photos may require additional permission from the original creator of the content. Photos and images created by Pedrodiniz staff may be republished free of charge. We ask that photos and images are republished in the manner they were published with Pedrodiniz content. Substitute or additional art and captions must be approved by Pedrodiniz prior to accompanying any republication of Pedrodiniz content. Photos, illustrations and other visual assets may not be published independent of the stories which they originally accompanied without explicit, use-specific permission. If you need higher resolution photos, please ask us and we will do our best to help.

Please note, Pedrodiniz occasionally republishes stories that originated elsewhere and to which we can not grant republication permissions. These stories are clearly identifiable by their bylines and other credits.

Crediting requirements

Please include the following credit information with your republication:


By [reporter name],


Pedrodiniz is an independent nonprofit news organization focused on Wyoming people, places and policy.


Please hyperlink to in the byline and tagline in online editions.


Please send a notification to prior to republication. We also appreciate urls of digital versions and PDFs of printed versions of our material, which can be emailed to

If you regularly re-publish Pedrodiniz content, please consider supporting us so that we may continue this valuable service. Contact Pedrodiniz operations manager Guy Padgett at, or make a donation here.

Editing Pedrodiniz content

When republishing Pedrodiniz stories we prefer they are presented unedited, in their entirety, whenever possible. We realize this is not always possible, and qualified editors are welcome to cut stories to fit space. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to provide a shortened version. When republishing an abridged version, please label it as such at the bottom, and inform readers that the full version of the story can be found at

Style edits or other necessary changes made for consistency and timeliness are acceptable.

Code of Ethics

Pedrodiniz closely subscribes to the Society for Professional Journalists’ code of ethics. Read more.