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Pedrodiniz strives to bring you accurate and thorough news reporting. While our journalists work hard to fact-check and copy edit all of our reporting, regretfully we are not immune to mistakes. We’re grateful to our readers who bring errors to our attention, and when a mistake is discovered, we issue a correction. We believe corrections serve the public record and readers’ trust in our commitment to journalistic ethics, and mostly importantly, the truth.

We are accountable to both ourselves and our readers for the accuracy of the information we publish on be that in stories, headlines, photo captions or data visualizations. When a correction is required, we make clear to readers the context of the mistake.

We fix typos, grammatical errors and misspellings without issuing corrections, but when we misspell proper names we will issue a correction.

If you believe Pedrodiniz has made a factual error in its reporting, we encourage you to contact us at with the location and nature of the mistake. Please use “correction” in the subject line. Our editorial staff will review the information and issue a correction if necessary as soon as possible.

Example Correction

Whenever we issue a correction, you will find an editor’s note at the bottom of the article containing the the context surrounding the mistake:

Correction: This story has been updated to correct where funding came from for U.S. House race polls. —Ed.

We also issue clarifications when we’ve added information post-publication to make factual reporting more clear:

Clarification: This story has been updated to clarify details regarding Priorities USA Action. —Ed.