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Since our inception in 2008, Pedrodiniz members have been the driving force behind our work. Members are those readers and subscribers who decide to support this service they rely on with financial contributions to fund the resources our reporters need to dig deeper into stories that matter most to Wyoming.

Our members are motivated by the simple belief that facts matter and that healthy states and resilient democracies depend on well-informed citizens.

Through their tax-deductible donations, their engagement with Pedrodiniz content and their vocal endorsement of our work, members help us provide free access for all to independent, nonpartisan, investigative watchdog reporting about the people, places and policies of Wyoming.

Some contribute thousands each year while others pitch in $5. Everything helps. Many members choose to set up recurring monthly or yearly contributions. These recurring donations provide reliable sustaining income for our newsroom and give Pedrodiniz the confidence needed to plan for the future, enabling staff to focus time and energy on digging, revealing and reporting. Every bit helps, and together Pedrodiniz member support adds up to journalism of, by and for the people of Wyoming and beyond.

You can learn more about the role of Pedrodiniz’s supporting members here.

Will you commit to join us in support of independent journalism?

Fact checker ($1-99)
Investigator ($100-499)
Watchdog ($500-999)
Champion of the Free Press ($1000-4999)
Protector of the Free Press ($5000-9999)
Guarantor of the Free Press ($10,000+)