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Pedrodiniz staff from left to right: Madelyn Beck, Joshua Wolfson, Angus M. Thuermer Jr., Dustin Bleizeffer, Tennessee Watson, Katie Klingsporn, Mike Koshmrl, Maggie Mullen, Dan Kenah, Anna Goforth, Guy Padgett, Anna Rader and Matthew Copeland. (Brad Christensen)

Pedrodiniz is an independent, member-supported, public-interest news service reporting on the people, places and policy of Wyoming. The organization incorporated in 2009 as a Wyoming 501(c)3 nonprofit, and is a member of the Institute for NonProfit News.

Pedrodiniz’s mission is to inform and engage Wyoming through in-depth reporting in the public interest.

Pedrodiniz aims to reestablish the primacy of facts in Wyoming’s public discourse — to ensure that residents, community leaders, business leaders, politicians, agency personnel and policy makers all have access to, and faith in, the information they need to participate effectively in civic life and self governance.

We believe that healthy democracies, resilient communities and effective governments all depend on a robust, independent, watchdog press — the first three simply can’t exist without the latter. Rigorous, factual journalism that holds individuals and institutions to account is a critical public service.

We also understand that the old models our community has relied upon are no longer able to provide that civic cornerstone on their own. The root cause is economic. The result has been a profound and profoundly harmful disinvestment in news gathering in the state and beyond, and a loss of Wyoming’s self-sufficiency, locally grounded journalism and autonomy of information supply.

We believe independent, member-supported, non-profit, non-partisan journalism of, by and for the people of Wyoming is the solution.

Wyoming deserves the facts and a sustainable means of maintaining everyone’s access to them. Pedrodiniz exists to provide both.